Data journalism, cartography and infographics

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Interactive : Over 20 years of revisited video games music thanks to OverClocked Remix

A dotted timeline and an interactive tool to explore thousands of remixes made available online by the OverClocked Remix community. How many times The Legend of Zelda was put into jazz? Sonic The Hedgehog into dubstep? Mega Man into funk? Undertale into prog rock? Read the story or the code.

A year of Covid-19 in Quebec : a regional analysis through three different anngles

There has been a lot of visualizations about the coronavirus pandemic in Quebec, but here I wanted to show a few different angles and methods. Looking at all infection cases, were some regional populations highly overrepresented? At what time? Did hospitalizations, admissions to ICUs and deaths roughly follow the infection trends? Read the story (in French) or the code.

Of all the James Bond theme songs, which one has the most negative mood?

Thanks to artificial intelligence and crowd-sourced databases, this sentiment analysis visualization measures the level of negative expression of all of the James Bond movie themes. Which song sounds like the most negative of all, with regards to lyrics and the music itself? Further charts also look at more specific feelings such as anger and sadness. Read the story or the code.

During summer, nighttime is increasingly uncomfortable in Montreal

Nights above 20 °C are more and more frequent in Montreal. This calendar visualization shows the lowest recorded temperature for every day of the warm season from 1980 to August 2020. Read the story or the code.

The world’s snowiest big cities

This may not be obvious looking at the article, but quite an unconventional web data importing, scraping and cleaning operation of trials and errors revealed the five world cities that have to deal with the biggest snowfall every year. Read the story in French on MétéoMédia.

What's on in the Birmingham scene?

How metal are Birmingham and the West Midlands, 50 years later?

A data investigation into Birmingham’s and the West Midlands’ current heavy metal scene, where the genre was born. 50 years later, is the genre still a thing in the area? I look at city-level streaming and concerts data from Spotify and Bandstintown for each of the biggest cities in the United Kingdom to see where the metal scene seats today. Read the story on the Birmingham Eastside or the code.

Birmingham City Council Election 2018 battlegrounds map

Council elections : the new ridings boundaries that are now opposing former districts that voted differently

Ahead of an upcoming City Council ballot in Birmingham, I compared the newly redistricted ridings on top of the former ones filled with the color of the incumbent party. A few ones have two colors. Read the story on BirminghamLive.

All music genres from Wikipedia in the same network and aggregate genre group

Almost all music genres fit into just 7 clusters

A big network visualization of all music genres associations, whether one gave birth to another one or is a child of it. In this immersive feature, I explain how most genres fit into just seven clusters — and why new artificial intelligence techniques and automation could change the way we look at relationships between music genres and tastes. Read the story or the code.

Radar chart : strengths of FIFA World Cup participating national clubs

2018 World Cup clubs compared on three key statistics associated with winning

A study has found that ball possession, shots, and shots on goal are the three variables that best predict wins. Here’s a three-sided radar chart showing how well each team has been doing for each of those statistics during their qualification matches. Read the story

The financial gains waiting for the British nurses to go work abroad.

Its nurses’ wages are so low, this rich country is the one exporting them the most

In the UK, Registered Nurses (RN) make way less money than in most other developed countries. That’s not even considering Britain’s relatively high cost of living. Looking at the average national salaries and costs of living, this chart shows how much the UK-trained nurses can raise their standard of living by moving virtually anywhere else. Read the story

Stories on journalism, features and interviews

A sample of excellent VGM albums

Your childhood, remixed : a VGM guide for the newcomers

Since the early Internet, an ever-growing community of proud nerds have built what is now a large movement : the art of remixing video games music, long considered anything but. This immersive feature dives deep into its evolution, its milestones, as well as the various challenges the musicians and producers encountered along the way. Read the story that was shortlisted for the Shorthand Awards 2018.

A person with his umbrella under the rain.

Can the weather influence elections results in some way or another?

This may sound odd, but science did dig into it more than a few times. Studies show some levels of conservatism and a need for security and stability under certain weather conditions, while an opposing forecast has been shown to give voters a bigger appetite for risk-taking and novel ideas. Read the story in French on MétéoMédia.

Data journalism and investigative reporting aren't only the thing of a few expected big-hitting media outlets.

In the UK, data journalism and investigations are getting more local than ever

Data journalism and investigations aren’t done only by a few big national outlets anymore. An unprecedented and well-coordinated collaboration between reporters of numerous regional and city-level reporters that exchange tips, datasets and skills for the benefit of all communities has emerged. Above anything, a mindset other countries should import. Read the story on Journalism.co.uk.

An aircraft passing by a pyrocumulus cloud amid the Beaver Complex Fire de 2014.

Forest fires may be producing their own storm systems more frequently

Wildfires are sometimes ignited by lighting strikes. Pyrocumuls and pyrocumulonimbus clouds form above sources of intense heat such as wildfires and can themselves produce further lightning strikes, which helps an ongoing fire spread ever more. Scientists fear this feedback loop may become more and more frequent. Read the story in French on MétéoMédia.

How Le Parisien is plugging itself into all of its city’s open and live data feeds to provide a public service

Innovative data journalism: I spoke with Le Parisien‘s Project Director about the outlet’s mission to connect to the city’s dispersed open and live data feeds to automate the search for stories. Read the story on the OnlineJournalismBlog.com.

The Segway, or the supreme symbol of consumer tech failure.

Startups, this is why most of you won’t sell your product

In the age of crowdfunding, the proliferation of startups and the numerous so-called strikes of genius, each year a number of prototypes or new products take a one-way ticket to the trash bin. Here I spoke with the cofounders of the Montreal startup incubator ADI. They have more than a few tips and warnings to share with younger inventors blinded by their high enthusiasm. Read the story in French on Geekbecois.

Review: Nuts! documentary by filmmaker Penny Lane

Nuts ! – The animated, surrealist story of Dr John Brinkley, a seller of miracles

An insufficiently long time ago, a young physician leaves its native North Carolina to settle in a dark and far away corner of the American Midwest. At this time in the documentary, the relevance of this location isn’t clear, but quickly we don’t bother finding out. Read the review in French on Geekbecois.