I also love to write, so here are some stories and features I wrote!

A sample of excellent VGM albums

Your childhood, remixed : a VGM guide for the newcomers

Since the early Internet, an ever-growing community of proud nerds have built what is now a large movement : the art of remixing video games music, long considered anything but. This immersive feature dives deep into its evolution, its milestones, as well as the various challenges the musicians and producers encountered along the way. Read the story that was shortlisted for the Shorthand Awards 2018.

Data journalism and investigative reporting aren't only the thing of a few expected big-hitting media outlets.

In the UK, data journalism and investigations are getting more local than ever

Data journalism and investigations aren’t done only by a few big national outlets anymore. An unprecedented and well-coordinated collaboration between reporters of numerous regional and city-level reporters that exchange tips, datasets and skills for the benefit of all communities has emerged. Above anything, a mindset other countries should import. Read the story on

An aircraft passing by a pyrocumulus cloud amid the Beaver Complex Fire de 2014.

Forest fires may be producing their own storm systems more frequently

Wildfires are sometimes ignited by lighting strikes. Pyrocumuls and pyrocumulonimbus clouds form above sources of intense heat such as wildfires and can themselves produce further lightning strikes, which helps an ongoing fire spread ever more. Scientists fear this feedback loop may become more and more frequent. Read the story (in French) on MétéoMédia.

How Le Parisien is plugging itself into all of its city’s open and live data feeds to provide a public service

Innovative data journalism: I spoke with Le Parisien‘s Project Director about the outlet’s mission to connect to the city’s dispersed open and live data feeds to automate the search for stories. Read the story on the

A screenshot of the Routitude interactive map, which is showing you all the direct destinations from you and the kind of weather you can expect, color-coded.

Don’t let the local weather spoil your trip abroad with this tool

Has the weather ever ruined one of your trips? If so, this interactive map tells you rapidly what kind of weather you can expect everywhere. In other words, you can shop your next destination according to the kind of temperature and precipitation you want.
Read the story (in French) on MétéoMédia.

A photography of a dark-walled house by the beach.

This hurricane-proof house is built with plastic bottles and will cut down your electricity bill

A New Brunswick startup designed this house concept with walls made of recycled plastic bottles. It can resist hurricane winds and lower your electricity bill thanks to its thermal insulation.
Read the story (in French) on MétéoMédia.

A mosaic of illustrated blue birds, representing Twitter.

Twitter rebranded itself and improved its information and entertainment experience

Twitter freed itself from its 140 characters cage and took off to reach new stratospheric heights. Although its tweeting nest was not exactly in freefall, the last couple of months saw the hatching of a largely improved media experience.
Read the story (in French) on Geekbecois.

A vintage illustration of the future : people having a good time chatting and playing cards in a self-driving car circulating on the freeway.

Self-Driving Cars : Collateral Winners and Losers

The arrival of self-driving cars will surely the automobile market, but mostly the services related to human driving. Who are the winners and losers?
Read the story (in French) on Geekbecois.

The Segway, or the supreme symbol of consumer tech failure.

Startups, this is why most of you won’t sell your product

In the age of crowdfunding, the growth of startups and the numerous so-called strikes of genius, each year a number of prototypes or new products take a one-way ticket to the trash bin. I spoke with the cofounders of the Montreal startup incubator ADI. They have more than a few tips and warnings to share with younger inventors blinded by their high enthusiasm. Read the story in French on Geekbecois.

A person with his umbrella under the rain.

Can the weather influence elections results in some way or another?

This may sound odd, but science did dig into it more than a few times. Studies show some levels of conservatism and a need for security and stability under certain weather conditions, while an opposing forecast has been shown to give voters a bigger appetite for risk-taking and novel ideas. Read the story in French on MétéoMédia.

On the road, what looks like a blizzard is actually a thick cloud of flying insects

A terrifying sight that is actually good news

A destabilizing phenomenon when you have no idea what is going on, but in fact, this one is a good thing. What looks like a blizzard or snow flurry is rather a thick cloud of flying insects.
Read the story (in French) on MétéoMédia.