Increasingly uncomfortable nights in Montreal?

This calendar data visualization shows the lowest temperature observed each day in Montreal since 1980. Nights have generally been warmer during the last decade.

Do you feel like nighttime has been somewhat less comfortable for sleeping in Montréal in the last few years or so?

If we look at the weather data here, showing the lowest temperature observed every day since 1980, this isn’t just you.

Looking at those minimum lows, we can see that nights at 20 °C or above have been more of a thing in the 2010s, and during the last five years too.

It also appears that, as of August 8th, the current summer is also among the warmest ones on this matter.

The charts above and below is a calendar data visualization in which each colored box is a day, from May through October. The colors indicate what kind of minimum temperature was observed that day.

Methodology and code files can be found in this GitHub repo.

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