The only thing worth knowing about the 2021 federal election results

You might think that the latest general federal election was pointless, and looking at the results it feels like that. Even looking further than the winning seats, there is little change compared to 2019.

But there’s been some notable, Canada-wide movement in two of the political parties, the young People’s Party of Canada (PPC), and the much older Green Party of Canada (GPC).

Election map: Birmingham’s new districts on top of former ones, with their past results

A screenshot of the interactive map, which you can find in the links below.

Ahead of today’s upcoming results (and previously published elsewhere), here is a map of the new wards over the former ones with their past electoral results (winning party).

See the story here for the Birmingham Eastside and here for Birmingham Live!

Additionally, here is a more detailed description of a few wards that were merged from former wards won by different parties.