Don’t believe the bus: See how Brexit is plaguing the NHS – Explainer

As time progresses, it is less and less likely that the Leave voters of 2016 will ever see the fruits of their vote if they had in mind that promise of extra weekly money for the NHS in millions.

Despite the widely publicised economy of £350 million a week that was promised for the NHS, there is close to no one left to say that this figure can be achieved anytime soon. Not even those who suggested it. And with good reasons.

Birmingham City Council’s anti-obesity funding plunges 92%

Spending by Birmingham City Council on countering obesity has plummeted in the last 12 months, according to data collected by The Bureau Local and shared with Birmingham Eastside.

The figures reveal that funding to tackle obesity in adults dropped by 92% since 2013/2014 — from more than £5.6 million to less than half a million.

Meanwhile, spending related to physical activity in adults has dropped by 20% in the last 12 months alone.

Read the story and see the visualisation for each of the West Midlands’ local authorities like Coventry, Wolverhampton and others here ➡

#FightingForAir: the BBC2 documentary experimenting with easy ways of reducing street-level air pollution by 10-30%

On last Wednesday (January 10th), the BBC2 channel aired Fighting For Air. It is about an experiment carried out in Kings Heath, Birmingham to reduce air pollution on our sidewalks along busy streets.

The Birmingham City Council reacted positively to the programme, but viewers online were not satisfied with the council’s current efforts in tackling the issue.

See the story here, with reactions from the City Council itself, Sustrans and Urban Cycles ➡️