My story was shortlisted for the Shorthand Awards!

My feature story on VGM (video games music, but remixed, reorchestrated, rearranged, etc.) was shortlisted for the Shorthand Awards, the handy publishing platform I have used for the story!

I loved doing that story. The VGM scene is a great community full of very cool people! I had great conversations with them, and they were all more than happy to talk to me.

You can read the story right here 👉,%20remixed_%c2%a0an%20immersive%20guide%20for%20the%20newcomers.html

The Shortland Awards shortlist 👉

Thanks to all the remixers!


Your childhood, remixed: an immersive guide for the newcomers

I wrote a feature story on the art of remixing your childhood’s video games scores, something that has been around for a while but benefited from much more traction recently, as licensed, professionalised record labels are now bringing it to the mainstream.

As a bonus, it will either make you feel better or more productive at work, at the gym or when you’re on chores.

Read the immersive story here ➡️,%20remixed_%c2%a0an%20immersive%20guide%20for%20the%20newcomers.html