Infographic: the Carillion collapse, explained

One week was the Carillion week in the UK news. A construction Goliath collapse, on its own, with no David around. The early signs were numerous but not that obvious to everyone, so a useful infographic goes a long way in explaining to non-experts how did something that big occurred.

This infographic explainer was made with Piktochart. I used to think that there was no point in using all those free online tools like this one, Canva and all the others when you’re perfectly functional with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, for example. That is correct if you got time. For most journos, that is not the case. You don’t exactly have the time to design all your icons and fluffy illustrations, even if you’re very good at it. So this is how I came to appreciate those tools.

This infographic was also published here. It can be viewed in optimal, non-blurry quality right here.

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